What are the computer specifications needed to run Spotify on a Windows PC?

For Spotify to run smooth, you will need a PC that runs on the system Windows XP, Vista, or 7 and a broadband Internet connection. If you are using Spotify on a Mac, you will need it to run on an Intel processor. Also, it should be of Mac OS X 10.4.0 or later and an internet connection.

How to fix errors on Spotify?

Sometimes you may come across issues on Spotify, and you could fix them following few tips. After correcting errors, you could stream music faster. Sometimes you may find Spotify gone down. The streaming would stop for a second, or you would see the message “You’re Offline.” Other common problems include login problems and Website issues. If you come across streaming problems, then here is what you could do. It would occur when there are issues with your home network. In such a case, you would receive messages such as “Can’t play the current track.” When you encounter issues as such, what you have to do is firstly switch on the Airplane mode on your device, wait for about 30 seconds, and then turn it off once again. After that, you will have to restart your device to stream Spotify. Another tip is to unplug your wireless router from its power and plug it again after a few seconds. You could also restart your modem. Have a look at the Wi-Fi router location as well. You should have it placed on a higher area. These tips will sort out the issues that you have with Spotify. When there are fewer issues, you can have Spotify music streaming smoothly. These tips will lessen the problems that you encounter on Spotify.

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